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Outlook 2007-2016: 3 Quick & Simple Ways to Organize Emails

Use these 3 quick tips to get your emails organized and increase your productivity while using Outlook. 1. Folder structure – Find out how create folders to organize your emails. 2. Categories – Use these 3 categories to sort out emails instantly 3. Rules – Create and run rules to clean up and organize your emails in Outlook.


JD Edwards CNC – Roles and Responsibilities

CNC, which literally stands for Configurable Network Computing, is a term used to refer to JD Edwards System Architects. CNCs form one of the three technical areas of expertise (and probably the most tech-savvy people) in JD Edwards ERP. CNCs are responsible for installation, configuration, management, maintenance and enhancement of JD Edwards ERP architecture. What is the role of […]


Best Way to Monitor Services in Windows Server 2008/2012 (No Install Required)

Recently I faced a challenge where I had to setup a system to monitor a service running on one of systems running operating system Windows Server 2012. In this article I will describe the approach used to monitor a service running on Window Server 2008/2012 without installing any kind of third party applications. Before we proceed with the setup, please gather […]


How to find UBEs running on a server at a particular time in JD Edwards

Recently I was asked to provide data about the UBEs, running on one of our batch servers, during a particular time interval. Following is the approach that can be used to obtain the relevant information. Prerequisites Before proceeding with extracting the data we would require following details ready with us: Server map tablespaces for the […]


Data Selection – Literal Import List of Values Tool – JDE 9.1.5 | JDE 9.2

Update 24th Oct 2015: Data selection import tool is now available for Google Chrome as well. I’ve released the extension on Chrome Webstore. Following is the URL for the same: Please click here to download the guide for installing in offline mode. Also download JDE Data Selection Import Tool chrome extension file, which will […]


How to Fix CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated PHP Error in Kloxo Linux

Today I was running a PHP script which used CULROPT_FOLLOWLOCATION option and it threw an error saying: Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in … I had encountered this error previously as well, but it dint really matter to me as the script used to work just […]


Senior CNC Tasks – Executing SQL statements DOs and DONT’S

SQL and CNC Being a CNC i.e. JD Edwards System Architect, as we would like to call, it is our responsibility to have knowledge about database management system and expertise/experience with SQL databases such as Oracle, SQL Server and DB2/400 with regards to EnterpriseOne. We will be required to cater to various SQL execution requests ranging […]