Bluehost Review – One of the Best Hosting Providers

I have been using Bluehost’s services for around a year now and I would definitely vouch for them. Since entering the web world, I have switched nearly 6-7 hosts before trying Bluehost. The previous hosts were comparatively cheaper than Bluehost, but I guess that is the only good point about them. Bluehost provides shared hosting at around 7$ per month as of now. Which approximately costs 85$ per year which includes a free domain as well. You can read more about Bluehost on their website which might give you a fair idea about why you should choose Bluehost.

Bluehost Review

I have plenty of reasons to vouch for them, but the very first thing that impressed me about this host is their UPTIME. Ever since I have moved to Bluehost, all my websites have been always up. The only criticism about their uptime (which is almost never) would be that sometimes the site loads slow. But that is all, according to my personal experience, my websites have never been down yet! I just love their service and I’m definitely renewing my package once it expires.

Second thing that is good about them is that they provide a free domain at the time of registration. I found it really cool, especially since you get the domain and hosting with the same provider. But they do not provide you with free 1 year Whois Guard protection like Namecheap does. But what more can you expect, they are already providing the domain for free.

Another advantage of using Bluehost is that you can add unlimited domains to your account. But the best part is, you get an email from Bluehost when your domain is about to expire, even though it is not hosted with them. I have been with other hosts and I never got an email from any of them about my domain which was not hosted with them. So I like the courtesy of Bluehost to send emails and make us aware about our expiring domains.

Apart from above three awesome features, they obviously provide all the features that you would get with any other host. Unlimited email accounts, unlimited hosting, nice customer support, etc. Regarding their unlimited hosting plan, it is something like you can only host 2000 files in your account. So you cannot think of starting an image hosting site or something of that sort with Bluehost! But for your general WordPress blog (or any other kind of blog) or Forums, Bluehost is the best deal you can get.

Having talked about the advantages, I would also mention some of the problems I faced (only one, actually) with Bluehost service. That is, their phpmyadmin won’t work in Google Chrome for some unknown reason. I had opened a support ticket for the same and I was told to use Opera for accessing phpmyadmin. It works fine in Opera though, so not really an issue. Apart from that, another tiny thing that I can criticize about them is their customer support. My support ticket got a reply nearly after 24 hours or so. But I had just opened a single support ticket during the entire year, so you can just overlook this drawback as well.

All in all I would say that Bluehost is the best shared hosting provider I have tried as of yet. Their advantages massively outweigh their negligible disadvantages. If you can afford their services and if you are looking for a host, then I would recommend you to register with them right now, at this moment! Bluehost’s hosting service is really worth every penny you invest in them and I promise you that you won’t regret your decision ever. I would rate a 9.5/10 for Bluehost’s shared hosting service.

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