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Mass Removing Hyperlinks in Excel 2010

Everytime I copy paste some stuffs from here and there in an excel file, all the hyperlinks follow! The method to remove the hyperlinks (all at once) is really very easy. So this time I decided to write a tutorial about it so that you can use this method to remove all hyperlinks in an excel sheet in a single go.

microsoft excel

Removing single hyperlink from one cell

  1. Right click on the cell and click on Remove Hyperlink

Mass removing hyperlinks from multiple columns

  1. Select an empty cell, say e.g. A1
  2. Type the number 1 in it. So that the content of A1 cell is 1
  3. Select that cell and press Ctrl+C  to copy that (A1) cell
  4. Now start selecting the cells, from which you wish to remove hyperlink, by pressing and holding ctrl key.
  5. Now click on the downward arrow under the Paste button. You can see the Paste button just below the office icon at the top left of the window.
  6. Click on Paste special
  7. A new prompt will open in that under “Operations”, select the radio button next to “Multiply”
  8. Click Ok

This should solve the problem.

Note : You might still need to change the color from blue to Automatic or whatever you wish to. You will also be required to remove the underlines if any. They don’t disappear by just removing the hyperlinks.

Concept : By multiplying a value in a cell by 1, the hyperlink is removed. So we first copy the cell that contains 1 as the value and then paste it as a multiplier on the cells containing hyperlinks. Thus the hyperlinks vanish from those cells.

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